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List of Graduated PhD Students


University of South Florida PHD Graduates

  1. Ioannis Raptis (Advisor, Kimon Valavanis, Co-Advisor, Wilfrido Moreno)
    Dissertation Title: Nonlinear and Linear Controller Design for Unmanned Rotorcraft.

  2. Kostas Dalamagkidis (Advisor, Kimon Valavanis, Co-Advisor, Les Piegl)
    Dissertation Title: Autonomous Vertical Autorotation for Unmanned Rotorcraft.

  3. Michael Kontitsis (Advisor, Kimon Valavanis, Co-Advisor, Sudeep Sarkar)
    Dissertation Title: Design and Implementation of an Integrated Dynamic Vision System for Autonomous Systems Operating in Uncertain Domains.

  4. Stelios Ioannou (Co-Advisors, Elias Stefanakos, Kimon Valavanis)
    Dissertation Title: Discrete Linear Constrained Multivariate Optimization for Power Sources of Mobile Systems.

  5. Carlos Castillo (Co-Advisors, Wilfrido Moreno, Kimon Valavanis)
    Dissertation Title: Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Model Predictive Control Using Joint Estimation Kalman Filters for Small-Scale Helicopters.

  6. Athanasios (Sakis) Tsalatsanis (Co-advisors, Ali Yalcin, Kimon Valavanis)
    Dissertation Title: Control of Autonomous Robot Teams in Industrial Applications.

  7. Anuj Puri
    Dissertation Title: Statistical Profile Generation of Real-Time UAV-based Traffic Data.

  8. Namir Aldawoodi (Co-advisors, Kimon Valavanis, Rafael Perez)
    Dissertation Title: An Approach to Designing an Unmanned Helicopter Autopilot Using Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing.

  9. Wendy Alvis (Co-advisors, Wilfrido Moreno, Kimon Valavanis)
    Dissertation Title: Development of an FPGA Based Autopilot Hardware Platform for Research and Development of Autonomous Systems.

  10. Laura Barnes
    Dissertation Title: A Potential Field Based Formation Control Methodology for Robot Swarms.

  11. Richard Garcia
    Dissertation Title: Designing an Autonomous Helicopter Testbed: From Conception through Implementation.

  12. Mauricio Castillo-Effen (Co-advisors, Wilfrido Moreno, Kimon Valavanis)
    Dissertation Title: Cooperative Localization in Wireless Networked Systems.


 1999-2003, Advisor / Co-Advisor of Graduated PHD Students - TUC Greece

  1. George Atsalakis:
    Stock Market Forecasting Techniques – A Neuro-Fuzzy Perspective.

  2. George Tsinarakis:
    Supervisory Control and Performance Evaluation of Random Topology Manufacturing Systems with Hybrid Petri Nets.

  3. Vangelis Kanakakis:
    Fuzzy Logic Based navigation of Underwater Vehicles.

 1986-1998 University of Louisiana At Lafayette & Northeastern University

  1. Maja Matijasevic (In collaboration with the University of Zagreb)
    Dissertation Title: Distributed Networked Multimedia and Virtual Reality Applications for Multi-User Environments

  2.  Timothy M. Hebert
    Dissertation Title: Navigation of an Autonomous Vehicle Using a Combined Electrostatic Potential Field / Fuzzy Inference Approach

  3.  Christophe Veltsos
    Dissertation Title: Automated Petri Net Synthesis for the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Dynamic Systems

  4.  Georgios A. Demetriou
    Dissertation Title: A State Configured Hierarchical Architecture for the Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  5.  Ramesh Kolluru
    Dissertation Title: Modeling, Design, Prototyping and Performance Evaluation of a Sensor-Based Robotic Gripper System for Automated Limp Material Handling

  6.  George Paschos
    Dissertation Title: Color and Texture Based Image Analysis: Segmentation and Classification

  7.  Yanjun Zhang
    Dissertation Title: Potential Based Panel Method for Robot Motion Planning

  8.  Angelika I. Kokkinaki
    Dissertation Title: A Dynamic Planning System for Automated Manufacturing Environments

  9.  Denis Gracanin
    Dissertation Title: Fundamentals of Parameterized Petri Nets

  10.  Srinivasan Ramaswamy
    Dissertation Title: Hierarchical Time Extended Petri Nets (H EPNs) for Integrated Control and Diagnostics of Multi Level Systems

  11.  Srinivasa R. Malladi
    Dissertation Title: A Sensor-Based Path Planning Algorithm for Control and Coordination of Multi-jointed Robotic Appendages

  12.  Jue Zheng
    Dissertation Title: Smoothing and Segmentation of Color Images in Computer Vision

  13.  Barry Gold
    Eng. Deg. Thesis: Aspects of Trajectory Tracking Control of a Robot Arm

  14. Stefan Surka
    Eng. Deg. Thesis: Extracting Linear Image Features Using Directional Neighborhood Operators