Figure1: Sample Images of DISFA Database


Text Box: Denver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action (DISFA) Database  is a non-posed facial expression database for those who are interested in developing computer algorithms for automatic action unit detection and their intensities described by FACS. 
This database contains stereo videos of 27 adult subjects (12 females and 15 males) with different ethnicity. The images were acquired using PtGrey stereo imaging system at high resolution  (1024x768). The intensity of AUs (0-5 scale) for all video frames were manually scored by two human FACS experts. The database also includes 66 facial landmark points of each image in the database.
The database is available for distribution for research purposes. Please complete the agreement form and send it back to Dr. Mahoor (

enver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action (DISFA) database

(DISFA) Database

Denver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action (DISFA) Database


This research was funded by the grant IIS-0957983 from the National Science Foundation.